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Desire to effectively utilize the loss time in processing acrylic items with UV flatbed printers. Idle-time of laser beam machines needs to be reduced as well.
Proposal of novelty production using UCJV300 and transparent attachment films. Staggered production process featuring unmanned night-time film printing phase fully utilizing the potential of roll-based printers and day-time processing boosted the productivity by 400%. Simultaneous use of conventional UV printers reduced the laser beam machine idle-time to almost zero.

Creating acrylic novelties with roll printers

Acrylic novelties

Acrylic novelties

Conclusive fact in introducing UCJV300

  • Minimizing the time wasted standing by for flatbed printer output
  • Staggered production by unmanned night-time operation

Producing only posters is NOT FUN

Yousei's Acrylic novelty "Kyorrotto!" series

Yousei's Acrylic novelty "Kyorrotto!" series

Initially, Mr. Matsumoto used broadsheet aqueous printers to print posters. "The scope of expression is limited in this field and not fun." Matsumoto turned to acrylic plate printing and laser processing enabling three-dimensional presentation. "We like to entertain our clients." The company expanded its business by introducing UV printers capable of directly printing on materials.

However, the non-Mimaki UV printers had their drawbacks. They were slow-workers. It took about two hours just to print and laser process 50 key-holders.
The UV printer needed constant overseeing to replace acrylic plates, often binding employees to the machine for two hours and mounted the employment cost.

A standard production lot is generally in the vicinity of 20 pieces, but the quantity may range to a maximum of 15,000 pieces. The large order required the full force of two UV printers four weeks to produce.

400% productivity with UCJV and transparent attachment films

Yousei's novelty, "Die-cut poster" uses UCJV300 to produce

Yousei's novelty, "Die-cut poster" uses UCJV300 to produce

The "UCJV300" series was announced when the company business was in such a turmoil.

Yousei introduced the "UCJV300-160" printer in April 2018. In terms of output speed, it is 4 times as fast the non-Mimaki UV printers the company owned.
There was one problem. "UCJV300-160” is not compatible with thick sheet materials like acrylic plates. Mr. Matsumoto resolved this issue by combining the printer with transparent attachment films.

The films maintain an attaching substrate layer, and can be attached to flat acrylic or glass surfaces without the use of adhesives.
The material was conventionally used for posters and POPs adhered on show-windows and cases. Mr. Matsumoto took this material and added an original twist by using it on novelty goods. This also enhanced the company productivity by 400%.

Zero idle-time with UCJV300

Previously, the slow output of printers left the laser cutting machine idle for prolonged periods. Simultaneous output from conventional UV printers and "UCJV300-160" keeps the cutting machine constantly busy.
The constant workflow also increases the efficiency of operators achieving a stress-free environment.

UCJV300-160 allows for remote confirmation of the current status, with stable operation performances. Roll-based printer is distinctively different from flatbed printers, and its characteristics enable unmanned night-time operation. The output is then laminated in the day-time, achieving staggered production previously difficult in the field of novelty production.

UCJV300-160 is the first Mimaki product to be introduced to Yousei Co., but the intuitive operation facilitated smooth production right from the beginning.

UCJV300-160 under the command of female operators

UCJV300-160 under the command of female operators

Printout time comparison for 50 piece lots

One printer to respond to various customer requirements

Currently, Yousei Co., Ltd. provides novelty production services on a single-price basis, complying with orders under a unified price for each product, regardless of the number of colors used for the print.
We like to provide our customers with the joy of creation without the worries of the cost, says Mr. Matsumoto.
Highly productive and automatically running "UCJV300-160" contributes to achieving this single-pricing policy.

The company intends to further expand its business by enhancing productivity through 24-hour operation, engaging in consumer-oriented production in the daytime while producing BtoB commercial products during the night hours.

Yousei Co., Ltd.

Yousei Co., Ltd.

Established in 2015, Yousei Co., Ltd. is a young company under the administration of the equally young Mr. Youkou Matsumoto, aged 29.
According to Mr. Matsumoto, 98% of the company clientele are young ladies. The company built its reputation within the Internet among people finding delight in marketing originally designed items.
The company also produces official items upon request from businesses.

Message from Mr. Matsumoto:

Mr. Matsumoto and his staff

Mr. Matsumoto and his staff

Our clients are most delighted to have "their fans purchase the items they created, and receive comments on their creations."
UCJV300-160 provides us with various means necessary to produce this moment of joy.

It's not the performance, the price or quality of the machine that counts. It's "what we do" that sets us apart from our competitors.
We regard the end users purchasing the novelty items equally as our clients, not just the creators placing the order. We are committed to offering our services so the creators can handiwork better items, and better thrill the buyers.

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