KEBAB (360-degree printing)

What Is the Kebab System?

1.Option for the UJF-3042HG/UJF-6042
The system can be easily mounted by screwing on the flat bed and inserting the dedicated connector, so it is capable of on-demand printing just when needed.

2.360-degree direct printing on cylindrical products
In addition to the function for printing on a flat surface of a three-dimensional object, the system offers 360-degree printing on a curved surface.

3.Supports cylinders with print widths up to 300 mm and diameters of 10 to 110 mm.
Capable of printing a wide range of cylinders, offering a wide range of applications.
* The maximum weight of print material is 3 kg.

Flow of printing

1. Data preparation

For 360-degree printing on the cylindrical surface, create data for a rectangle. The standard width in the feed direction is the diameter x 3.14 mm.

2. RIP processing

Convert the image file by RasterLink6

On the jig, place the object to print on.
・Enter the diameter in the printer.
・After entry, set the work(object) on the rollers according to the instructions on the screen.
・You can also enter the origin.

3. Printing on a curved surface

Achieves 360-degree printing on a curved surface, which has never been possible with other ink jet printers.
In addition to printing on a flat surface, which is making it into the market, the system is capable of full-color, plateless printing on a curved surface.

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