• CF22-1225 | Flatbed Cutting Plotter; Suitable to 4x8 size material
  • 3DUJ-553 | UV curable inkjet system Full Color 3D printer
  • UCJV300-160 | LED-UV Print & Cut Inkjet Printer (7 colors)
  • UCJV150-160 | LED-UV Print & Cut Inkjet Printer (4 colors)
  • A3 size flatbed UV inkjet printer, "Extra model"
  • Kebab MkII Series - Printing 360 degree on the surface of a cylindrical object
  • Tx300P-1800B
  • Tx500P-3200DS
  • Flatbed UV-LED inkjet printer "UJF-6042MkII"
  • UV-LED Large Flatbed Inkjet printer "JFX200-2531"
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