TRAPIS (Transfer Pigment System)
"Textile Printing made Incomplex" Friendly to the environment and people, next-generation textile printing system

"TRAPIS" is the company's pigment transfer textile printing system, whose name is derived from the words "Transfer", "Pigment", and "System".
The system consists of ur inkjet printer, dedicated ink, dedicated transfer paper, and a dedicated transfer machine made by a European manufacturer recommended by us.

Textile Printing system that anyone can easily print and installable anywhere

Product outlines of "TRAPIS"

  1. Simple textile printing system that requires only printing and transferring, so it can be easily operated by anyone without the need for specialized skills or knowledge as with conventional textile printing system.
  2. Installable in small space, and textile printing business can be conducted at the forefront of fabric supply distribution (store, design offices, etc.)
  3. The process generates almost zero wastewater. And even including wastewater generated in the transfer paper manufacturing process, wastewater is cut by approx. 90% compared to conventional digital dyeing systems.
  4. Printing on multi-variety textile fabrics with a single type of ink
  5. Printing on transfer paper eliminates the need for complicated maintenance of fabric conveyor belt, as is the case with conventional digital textile printing.
  6. Colours are as good as those of conventional textile dyeing, and light fastness of printed fabrics to be up to the standard level.
  7. Ink is certified ZDHC MRSL Lv.3*. Worker and consumer safety and environmentally friendly system.
    *ZDHC is a non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, that works to eliminate the emission of hazardous substances in the textile and leather industry.

Production Examples

Interior Decoration

Curtains (Linen / Nylon)

Curtains (Linen / Nylon)

TRAPIS enables printing on a veriary of fabrics wth a single system, and supports in-house productions in situations where a various types of fabric are used for different functions and applications.

Furniture coverings (Hemp / Spandex)

Furniture coverings (Hemp / Spandex)

Even a few meters of fabrics can be easily patterned and can be made from a single set.Even printing on elastic fabrics requires no special skills. Even printing on elastic fabrics requires no special skills.

Fashion Apparel

Jacket (Cotton-Polyester / Cupro)

Jacket (Cotton-Polyester / Cupro)

Being able to produce apparel made of different fabrics on front and back sides, Enabling consistent production from design to production of a single garment and conributing to shortening production time.

Bag & Pouch (Canvas / Polyester)

Bag & Pouch (Canvas / Polyester)

The same product can be easily produced by simply sharing a sesign even if the location are far apart. TRAPIS produce what you need, where you need it, in the quantiry you need,with no waste.


TRAPIS Maximum print width: 1,610 mm (63.4")
Printer + Dedicated ink + Dedicated transfer paper + Dedicated transfer machine

Application list

  • Tapestry
  • Flag
  • Sports Apparel
  • Interior Fabrics
  • Fashion Textile


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