RIP Software combining usability and high performance


It is meaningless if high performance software would be hard to use ...
Mimaki [RasterLink] is upgrading on focusing the simplicity and the user-friendliness.

Newly developed [RasterLink7] is equipped with more useful and advanced functions! With increased RIP processing speed, usability, and productivity, it supports Variable printing.

Product outlines:

  1. Improves reproducibility of special effects (such as transparency) of PDF data.
  2. Swift RIP processing of PDF data for increased productivity.
  3. Prints out the variable data by Variable print function.
  4. Displays frequently used setting and pop-up windows.

Migration tool of RasterLink6Plus to RasterLink7

Customers who have purchased RasterLink6 or RasterLink6Plus products

RasterLink7 can be used by obtaining a free serial key and migrating jobs of RasterLink6Plus to RasterLink7.
Procedure of migration to RasterLink7 (Mimaki Grobal)

*System requirements are different between RasterLink6Plus and RasterLink7. Check your PC and set up RasterLink7.

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