SDS (Singapore)

SDS(Safety Data Sheet) is a document containing information and instructions on the chemical and physical characteristics of a substance, its hazards and risks, safe handling requirements and actions to be taken in the event of fire, spill or exposure.

Parts No. Name Color File size
BS4-K-60-3 / BS4-K-2L-3 BS4 ink Black 637.44KB
BS4-BM-60 / BS4-BM-2L BS4 ink Blue Shade Magenta 419.05KB
BS4-M-60-2 / BS4-M-2L-2 BS4 ink Magenta 643.44KB
BS4-K-60-2 / BS4-K-2L-2 BS4 ink Black 654.14KB
BS4-Y-60 / BS4-Y-2L BS4 ink Yellow 642.47KB
BS4-M-60 / BS4-M-2L BS4 ink Magenta 636KB
BS4-C-60 / BS4-C-2L BS4 ink Cyan 643.06KB
CS100-Y-BB CS100 ink Yellow 677.09KB
CS100-M-BB CS100 ink Magenta 672.12KB
CS100-K-BB CS100 ink Black 702.72KB
CS100-C-BB CS100 ink Cyan 677.42KB
CS200-Y-BB CS200 ink Yellow 457.7KB
CS200-M-BB CS200 ink Magenta 458.17KB
CS200-C-BB CS200 ink Cyan 443.59KB
CS200-K-BB CS200 ink Black 453.02KB
CS250-Y-BA CS250 ink Yellow 457.99KB
CS250-M-BA CS250 ink Magenta 458.75KB
CS250-K-BA CS250 ink Black 453.1KB
CS250-C-BA CS250 ink Cyan 451.36KB
ML001-Z-K1 Maintenance Washing Liquid LX Clear Liquid 284.97KB
FL001-Z-22 Flushing Liquid 01 Clear Liquid 291.89KB
FL003-Z-22 / FL003-Z-2L / FL003-Z-BB / FL003-Z-BJ Flushing Liquid 03 Clear Liquid 619.12KB
ML003-Z-BA / ML003-Z-K1 Maintenance Liquid 03 Clear Liquid 617.15KB
ML007-Z-22 / ML007-Z-BA / ML007-Z-BB / ML007-Z-K1 Maintenance Liquid 07 Clear Liquid 517.92KB
ML007-Z-K2 Maintenance Liquid 07 Clear Liquid 519.91KB
FL007-Z-BA / FL007-Z-BB / FL007-Z-K2 Flushing Liquid 07 Clear Liquid 519.91KB
SPC-0137 Cleaning Solution Bottle A29 Clear Liquid 618.43KB
SPC-0188S / SPC-0259 / SPC-0422 / SPC-0631 Washing Liquid Clear Liquid 616.87KB
SPC-0597K / SPC-0659K / LH100-K-BA / LH100-K-B2 UV ink LH-100 Black 447.43KB
SPC-0597CL / SPC-0659CL / LH100-CL-BA / LH100-CL-B2 UV ink LH-100 Clear 441.7KB
SPC-0597C / SPC-0659C / LH100-C-BA / LH100-C-B2 UV ink LH-100 Cyan 442.96KB
SPC-0597LC / SPC-0659LC / LH100-LC-BA / LH100-LC-B2 UV ink LH-100 Light Cyan 436.14KB
SPC-0597LM / SPC-0659LM / LH100-LM-BA / LH100-LM-B2 UV ink LH-100 Light Magenta 442.77KB
SPC-0597W / SPC-0659W / LH100-W-BA / LH100-W-B2 UV ink LH-100 White 449.25KB
SPC-0597Y / SPC-0659Y / LH100-Y-BA / LH100-Y-B2 UV ink LH-100 Yellow 445.42KB
SPC-0597M / SPC-0659M / LH100-M-BA / LH100-M-B2 UV ink LH-100 Magenta 442.68KB
LUS12-LM-BA / LUS12-LM-B2 UV ink LUS-120 Light Magenta 371.12KB
LUS12-LC-BA / LUS12-LC-B2 UV ink LUS-120 Light Cyan 367.95KB
LUS12-CL-BA / LUS12-CL-B2 UV ink LUS-120 Clear 344.12KB
LUS12-W-BA / LUS12-W-B2 UV ink LUS-120 White 348.59KB
LUS12-Y-BA / LUS-12-Y-B2 UV ink LUS-120 Yellow 364.03KB
LUS12-M-BA / LUS12-M-B2 UV ink LUS-120 Magenta 370.89KB
LUS12-K-BA / LUS12-K-B2 UV ink LUS-120 Black 374.6KB
LUS12-C-BA / LUS12-C-B2 UV ink LUS-120 Cyan 366.58KB
LU125-Y-BA UV ink LU-125 Yellow 370.48KB
LU125-M-BA UV ink LU-125 Magenta 363.62KB
LU125-K-BA UV ink LU-125 Black 374.3KB
LU125-C-BA UV ink LU-125 Cyan 372.98KB
LUS15-W-BA UV ink LUS-150 White 400.43KB
LUS15-LM-BA UV ink LUS-150 Light Magenta 394.59KB
LUS15-LC-BA UV ink LUS-150 Light Cyan 409.01KB
LUS15-Y-BA UV ink LUS-150 Yellow 410.41KB
LUS15-M-BA UV ink LUS-150 Magenta 411.19KB
LUS15-K-BA UV ink LUS-150 Black 414.39KB
LUS15-C-BA UV ink LUS-150 Cyan 424.75KB
LU175-CL-BA UV ink LUS-175 Clear 336.85KB
LU175-LM-BA UV ink LUS-175 Light Magenta 363.9KB
LU175-LC-BA UV ink LUS-175 Light Cyan 374.37KB
LU175-W-BA UV ink LUS-175 White 341.39KB
LU175-Y-BA UV ink LUS-175 Yellow 363.74KB
LU175-M-BA UV ink LUS-175 Magenta 370.41KB
LU175-K-BA UV ink LUS-175 Black 367.68KB
LU175-C-BA UV ink LUS-175 Cyan 373.69KB
LUS17-CL-BA UV ink LUS-170 Clear 336.88KB
LUS17-C-BA UV ink LUS-170 Cyan 366.91KB
LUS17-K-BA UV ink LUS-170 Black 367.78KB
LUS17-M-BA UV ink LUS-170 Magenta 370.39KB
LUS17-Y-BA UV ink LUS-170 Yellow 370.43KB
LUS17-W-BA UV ink LUS-170 White 348.18KB
LUS17-LC-BA UV ink LUS-170 Light Cyan 360.74KB
LUS17-LM-BA UV ink LUS-170 Light Magenta 370.42KB
LUS21-CL-BA UV ink LUS-210 Clear 409.46KB
LUS21-W-BA UV ink LUS-210 White 446.27KB
LUS21-K-BA UV ink LUS-210 Black 445.28KB
LUS21-Y-BA UV ink LUS-210 Yellow 421.11KB
LUS21-M-BA UV ink LUS-210 Magenta 420.2KB
LUS21-C-BA UV ink LUS-210 Cyan 436.95KB
LX101-OR-60 Latex ink LX101 Orange 346.63KB
LX101-G-60 Latex ink LX101 Green 333.89KB
LX101-Y-60 Latex ink LX101 Yellow 334.05KB
LX101-M-60 Latex ink LX101 Magenta 333.92KB
LX101-K-60 Latex ink LX101 Black 360.17KB
LX101-C-60 Latex ink LX101 Cyan 343.04KB
LX100-W-22 Latex ink LX100/LX101 White 354.88KB
SW100-Z-BD / SW100-Z-BA SW-100 ink Clear Liquid 455.38KB
MH100-CL-BD / MH100-CL-BA MH-100 ink Clear 457.95KB
MH100-W-BD / MH100-W-BA MH-100 ink White 504.68KB
MH100-Y-BA MH-100 ink Yellow 490.21KB
MH100-M-BA MH-100 ink Magenta 490.01KB
MH100-K-BA MH-100 ink Black 495.88KB
MH100-C-BA MH-100 ink Cyan 490.4KB
MLS51-BLT-BJ Dye Sublimation Ink MLSb510 Blue T 615.46KB
MLS51-KT-BJ Dye Sublimation Ink MLSb510 Black T 622.51KB
MLS51-MT-BJ Dye Sublimation Ink MLSb510 Magenta T 615.52KB
MLS51-YT-BJ Dye Sublimation Ink MLSb510 Yellow T 615.26KB
MLS51-KT-BJ-5 Dye Sublimation Ink MLSb510 Black T 622.81KB
MLS51-BLT-BJ-2 Dye Sublimation Ink MLSb510 Blue T 623.11KB
MLS51-KT-BJ-2 Dye Sublimation Ink MLSb510 Black T 615.95KB
MLS51-MT-BJ-2 Dye Sublimation Ink MLSb510 Magenta T 616.09KB
MLS51-YT-BJ-2 Dye Sublimation Ink MLSb510 Yellow T 615.73KB
MUH10-Si-B2 MUH-100 Silver Silver 319.99KB
SPC-0541 UV Primer GM-1 Clear Liquid 507.75KB
SPC-0731 / SPC-0732 / PR100-Z-BA IJ Primer PR-100 Clear Liquid 323.8KB
PR200-Z-22-3 / PR200-Z-60-3 / PR200-Z-BA-3 / PR200-Z-B2-3 IJ Primer PR-200 Clear Liquid 408.19KB
SB300-LM-BB / SB300-LM-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb300 Light Magenta 620.11KB
SB300-LBL-BB / SB300-LBL-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb300 Light Blue 613.28KB
SB300-Y-BB / SB300-Y-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb300 Yellow 616.1KB
SB300-M-BB / SB300-M-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb300 Magenta 622.88KB
SB300-BL-BB / SB300-BL-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb300 Blue 616.3KB
SB300-KT-BB / SB300-KT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb300 Black T 199.55KB
SB300-KD-BB / SB300-KD-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb300 Black D 590.88KB
PR200-Z-22-2 / PR200-Z-60-2 / PR200-Z-BA / PR200-Z-B2-2 IJ Primer PR-200 Clear Liquid 301.89KB
PR200-Z-22 / PR200-Z-60 / PR200-Z-BA / PR200-Z-B2 IJ Primer PR-200 Clear Liquid 255.4KB
SB310-KT-BB-5 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb310 Black T 622.98KB
SB310-BLT-BB-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb310 Blue T 616.06KB
SB310-KT-BB-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb310 Black T 616.23KB
SB310-MT-BB-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb310 Magenta T 623.1KB
SB310-YT-BB-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb310 Yellow T 622.77KB
SB310-LBT-BB-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb310 Light Blue T 602.46KB
SB310-LMT-BB-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb310 Light Magenta T 609.27KB
SB410-FYT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb410 Fluorescent Yellow T 627.52KB
SB410-FPT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb410 Fluorescent Pink T 609.8KB
SB411-KT-2L-5 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb411 Black T 622.51KB
SB411-BLT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb411 Blue T 615.74KB
SB411-KT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb411 Black T 622.53KB
SB411-MT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb411 Magenta T 615.6KB
SB411-YT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb411 Yellow T 615.34KB
SB411-LBT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb411 Light Blue T 608.93KB
SB411-LMT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb411 Light Magenta T 615.54KB
SB411-LKT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb411 Light Black T 609.19KB
SB53-DK-44-1 / SB53-DK-2L-1 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb53 Deep Black 202.32KB
SB53-LM-44-1 / SB53-LM-2L-1 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb53 Light Magenta 613.08KB
SB53-LBL-44-1 / SB53-LBL-2L-1 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb53 Light Blue 620.12KB
SB53-Y-44-1 /SB53-Y-2L-1 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb53 Yellow 615.95KB
SB53-M-44-1 / SB53-M-2L-1 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb53 Magenta 615.88KB
SB53-K-44-1 / SB53-K-2L-1 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb53 Black 617.32KB
SB53-BL-44-1 / SB53-BL-2L-1 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb53 Blue 623.07KB
SB54-FYT-44 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb54 Fluorescent Yellow T 627.06KB
SB54-FPT-44 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb54 Fluorescent Pink T 609.49KB
SB54-KT-44-5 / SB54-KT-2L-5 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb54 Black T 615.83KB
SB54-BLT-44-3 / SB54-BLT-2L-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb54 Blue T 622.57KB
SB54-KT-44-3 / SB54-KT-2L-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb54 Black T 622.55KB
SB54-MT-44-3 / SB54-MT-2L-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb54 Magenta T 622.26KB
SB54-YT-44-3 / SB54-YT-2L-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb54 Yellow T 622.16KB
SB54-LBT-44-3 / SB54-LBT-2L-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb54 Light Blue T 622.39KB
SB54-LMT-44-3 / SB54-LMT-2L-3 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb54 Light Magenta T 622.14KB
SB610-KT-2L-5 / SB610-KT-BJ-5 / SB610-KT-BA-5 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb610 Black T 616.1KB
SB610-LMT-2L-2 / SB610-LMT-BJ-2 Dye Sublimation Ink Sb610 Light Magenta T 606.84KB
SB610-BLT-2L / SB610-BLT-BJ / SB610-BLT-BA Dye Sublimation Ink Sb610 Blue T 609.21KB
SB610-KT-2L / SB610-KT-BJ Dye Sublimation Ink Sb610 Black T 615.94KB
SB610-MT-2L / SB610-MT-BJ / SB610-MT-BA Dye Sublimation Ink Sb610 Magenta T 616.1KB
SB610-YT-2L / SB610-YT-BJ / SB610-YT-BA Dye Sublimation Ink Sb610 Yellow T 622.42KB
SB610-LBT-2L / SB610-LBT-BJ Dye Sublimation Ink Sb610 Light Blue T 615.87KB
SB610-LMT-2L / SB610-LMT-BJ Dye Sublimation Ink Sb610 Light Magenta T 615.62KB
SB610-LKT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb610 Light Black T 623.29KB
SB610-FPT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb610 Fluorescent Pink T 623.35KB
SB610-FYT-2L Dye Sublimation Ink Sb610 Fluorescent Yellow T 627.39KB
SPC-0501OR-2 / SPC-0588OR-2 / SS21-OR-60-2 SS21 ink Orange 337.07KB
SPC-0501LK / SPC-0588LK / SS21-LK-60 SS21 ink Light Black 333.21KB
SPC-0501LM-2 / SPC-0588-LM-2 / SS21-LM-60-2 SS21 ink Light Magenta 348.26KB
SPC-0501LC-3 / SPC-0588LC-3 / SS21-LC-60-3 SS21 ink Light Cyan 348.77KB
SPC-0501Y / SPC-0588Y / SS21-Y-60 SS21 ink Yellow 321.37KB
SPC-0501M-2 / SPC-0588M-2 / SS21-M-60-2 SS21 ink Magenta 333.72KB
SPC-0501K-2 / SPC-0588K-2 / SS21-K-60-2 SS21 ink Black 352.52KB
SPC-0501C-3 / SPC-0588C-3 / SS21-C-60-3 SS21 ink Cyan 349.03KB
SPC-0504W-2 SS21 ink White 340.01KB
SPC-0504Si SS21 ink Silver 315.85KB
SPC-0516FS / SPC-0568 / SPC-0569 UV ink F-200 Washing Liquid Clear Liquid 522.39KB
SPC-0667Y / SPC-0693Y BS3 ink Yellow 683.94KB
SPC-0667M / SPC-0693M BS3 ink Magenta 685.74KB
SPC-0667K / SPC-0693K BS3 ink Black 695.69KB
SPC-0667C / SPC-0693C BS3 ink Cyan 684.47KB
SPC-0727LM / SPC-0728LM / LF140-LM-BA UV ink LF-140 Light Magenta 429.19KB
SPC-0727LC / SPC-0728LC / LF140-LC-BA UV ink LF-140 Light Cyan 436.26KB
SPC-0727W / SPC-0728W / LF140-W-BA UV ink LF-140 White 445.48KB
SPC-0727Y / SPC-0728Y / LF140-Y-BA UV ink LF-140 Yellow 445.52KB
SPC-0727M / SPC-0728M / LF140-M-BA UV ink LF-140 Magenta 436.68KB
SPC-0727K / SPC-0728K / LF140-K-BA UV ink LF-140 Black 446.3KB
SPC-0727C / SPC-0728C / LF140-C-BA UV ink LF-140 Cyan 436.8KB
SPC-0728BY UV ink LF-140 Brilliant Yellow 400.18KB
ML013-Z-B2 PR-200 Maintenance Liquid Clear 452.58KB
ML013-Z-K2 PR-200 Maintenance Liquid Clear 452.58KB
AS5-K-60 / AS5-K-2L AS5 ink Black 786.25KB
AS5-C-60 / AS5-C-2L AS5 ink Cyan 642.95KB
AS5-M-60 / AS5-M-2L AS5 ink Magenta 642.87KB
AS5-Y-60 / AS5-Y-2L AS5 ink Yellow 642.22KB
AS5-LC-60 / AS5-LC-2L AS5 ink Light Cyan 643.79KB
AS5-LM-60 / AS5-LM-2L AS5 ink Light Magenta 636.5KB
AS5-LK-60 / AS5-LK-2L AS5 ink Light Black 516.33KB
AS5-OR-60 / AS5-OR-2L AS5 ink Orange 500.01KB
ML015-Z-44/ML015-Z-B1/ML015-Z-K1/ML015-Z-K2 Maintenance Liquid 15 Clear Liquid 525.06KB
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