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User stories of UCJV300 Series

Display Systems Australia (Banksmeadow NSW, Australia)


Owner John Privitera says he initially wanted to replace one of the company’s eco-solvent machines with two of the same platform. But a must have was an increase in production output but not sacrificing print quality.


“I attended the ISA show in Orlando this year and the word on the floor was that this new UCJV300-160 was the must have. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to go with this machine. It gives us low power consumption with an economical ink cost. It produces prints with vibrant colours and the cutter is separate to the print head.”

Display Systems Australia | Mimaki user stories

Shimizu Octo, Inc. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)


As we are engaged in many roll jobs, we want to shorten the work process by use of UV. We outsource jobs requiring white ink, which we want to perform in-house.


Introduction of UCJV300 increased our productivity substantially. We succeeded not only in shifting jobs using white ink to in-house production, but also in enhancing the quality. We gained the capability to perform printing on colored materials and transparent materials with high density and high quality.

Shimizu Octo, Inc. | Mimaki user stories

EVENTAS Inc. (Koto-ku, Tokyo)


As our jobs using aqueous inkjet printer are decreasing, we want to shift to different type of printers. We also want to reduce the cost and risk by omitting laminating process.


Substantial cost down was achieved by shifting to UV inkjet printer. UV supports wide variety of materials, and brought us flexibility to print on wallpaper and transparent media, which was not possible before.

EVENTAS Inc. | Mimaki user stories

G-Craft Co., Ltd. (Katsushika-ku, Tokyo)


We want to introduce a machine mounted with white ink. Also, there is a need to handle increasing window-related jobs efficiently.


Introduction of UCJV300 enabled us to meet requests for short-term delivery of same day shipping, and to enhance our powers of expression in window decorations using white ink. We could reduce our stress by shifting jobs using white ink to in-house production.

G-Craft Co., Ltd. | Mimaki user stories

Kimura Kanban Co., Ltd. (Koto-ku, Tokyo)


We want to omit laminating and shorten the processes for short-term signboards, and perform high-density printing on colored materials. We are also concerned about letters being scratched in jobs using sewing machine, such as banners.


Introduction of UCJV300 realized omission of laminating process in short-term signboard jobs. High-density printing enabled us to print only letter parts on colored materials, which also helped us to reduce the ink cost significantly. We came to see almost no scratches in the sewing process of banners, which raised the quality.

Kimura Kanban Co., Ltd. | Mimaki user stories

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