Mimaki introduces Mimaki Target Color Emulator (MTCE)


-Simple Color Matching-

Nagano, Japan (February 2, 2015)

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd., a global industry leader and manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting plotters, announced today that it will launch the Mimaki Target Color Emulator (MTCE) in February 2015. MTCE comes with an input/output emulation profile creation software and a colorimeter, allowing Mimaki inkjet printers to reproduce the equivalent colors printed by other printers.

Any user has a right to be concerned that a new printer will not be able to produce the same colors produced by their old one. MTCE enables users to reproduce equivalent print colors without special knowledge of color management. The MTCE wizard guides users in creating input/output profiles, enabling simple and equivalent reproduction of colors that are printed by different printer models or ink types. In this way, conventional print colors can be equivalently reproduced by Mimaki printers. Furthermore, MTCE can be used to synchronize the colors used by multiple printer model units.

◎Product outlines

  • MTCE enables Mimaki printers to reproduce colors equivalent to the ones produced by different printer models or ink types.
    ・Printing color will not be changed after replacing the printer. The same print color can be reproduced for a repeat order.
    ・Color matching between multiple printer units enables the user to accept high-volume orders.
  • Simple color matching without special knowledge
    ・Users can match colors with ease by following the wizard. The same color matching results are obtained regardless of the operator’s ability level.
  • Affordable price
    ・MTCE is specifically designed for its color matching capability and accordingly offers a much more affordable price than a general color management system.

◎Main Features

1. Reproducing a target color with an approximate color

Input/Output emulation profiles are automatically created after measuring a reference color chart printed by a target printer and another color chart printed by a Mimaki printer. Mimaki RIP software RasterLink6*1 reads the emulation profiles and then prints target-equivalent colors with the Mimaki printer. Moreover, MTCE enables multiple printer units to print equivalent colors according to reference colors that are printed by one of them. To deliver uniform, high-quality print results for a high-volume order, this capability is very advantageous.
*1: This function will be available on the RasterLinkPro5 in April, 2015.

2. Simple color matching without special knowledge

A conventional color management system allows users to specify detailed data. However, high color management skills are required to understand each parameter of the setup. MTCE provides a completely different method; users follow the wizard and take three simple steps, and then the color matching procedures are finished. Only an hour and a half is spent on color matching.
■STEP1: Printing color charts
■STEP2: Measurement of color blocks by a colorimeter
■STEP3: Automatic creation of emulation profiles

3. Affordable price for a color matching system

MTCE is specifically designed for its color matching capability, and accordingly offers a much more affordable price than a general color management system. In addition, a colorimeter, which is a necessary tool, is attached to MTCE. Color matching work can immediately commence after receiving this product.


OSWindows Vista (SP2 or later) (32/64), Windows 7 (SP1 or later) (32/64),
Windows 8 (32/64), Windows 8.1 (32/64)
CPUIntel Core2Duo 1.8 GHz or higher
Memory1 GB or higher
HDD30 GB or higher
Optical driveDVD-ROM drive
Compatible inkMimaki genuine solvent inks
Compatible printerMimaki solvent inkjet printers

Please note:
In an effort to improve our product, specifications, designs, dimensions, and other data are subject to change without notice.


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