What kind of daily maintenance is required?

  • There are clean the exterior surfaces of the main unit, palten, media press and around the head as daily maintenance. Here, we will show you especially important maintenance.

1. Tools required for maintenance

- Cleaning solution kit 200 (SPC-0369)
- Clean stick (SPC-0527)
- Gloves
- Goggles (attachment)
- Paper towel or Dry cloth

2. Content of daily maintenance
  For detailed maintenance procedure, see "OPERATION MANUAL".

 (1) Clean the wiper, wiper bracket, cap rubber and cap rubber cover.
   If there are ink sticking to the cap rubber and dust, it may cause
   of poor image quality.

 (2) Clean the wiper slider.

 (3) Perform [DISWAY WASH].

 (4) Clean around the head.
   If ink and dust are adhere to around the head, media may dirt during
   printing, or cause of nozzle clogging.

 (5) Clean the platen.
   The platen easily gets dirty with lint and paper dust.

3. When the main unit is not used for a long time.
  Please see
  [Q: What care and caution to taken when I am not using the printer for a long time].

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