Is there any precaution when set the media?

  • Please see the following "How to set media" movie.

- Precautions -

1. Take care not to drop the media on a foot when set the media.
  There is the possibility of injury caused by weight of the media.

2. Set the media in the center of the platen and not to stick out from right and
  left end pinch rollers.
  If media is set on one side, poor image quality may have occurred due to
  media feeding failure.

3. Use take-up device and tension bar when you set roll media.
  Media feeding become unstable and poor image quality may have occurred.

4. Set the roll media without displacement of roll edge.

5. Set the media straight and be sure to media tension on left and right sides
  are same.

For usable media size, see [Q: What size of the media can I use?].

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