What kind of media can be used on this printer?

  • See details about this in the following manual.

Operation manual ”-[Chapter1]-[Media]-[Limited media]
Basically you can use all kinds of media if it is under the certain conditions which you can see on a list in the manual above.
Even if your media is out of the condition list, you may be able to use it if it can clear the all print steps.
※ What is the “All print steps”?
① Media set
The media paper core can be fixed by media holder.
② Media feeding
The media has to be fed straight, and there are no wrinkles on the media surface while it feeds.
③ Print
The media has to be print with the head gap 3.0mm (≒0.118inch) or less, and also the print head carriage does not hit to the media.
See more details in the other Q&A [How much the head height is required? ]
④ Take up media
The media has to be taken up straightly. It can not be skewed while it takes up.

※ If you set up a “Raised fabric” or a “Pile fabric”, please make sure that you can feed the media straightly or not by “UP” and “DOWN” key.
And also you should print on that kind of material with larger ink drop size than the normal set up size for the flat surface media. It makes the ink drop reaches closer to root of that kind of media.

※ If media edge is thick such as the “Gumming ”, you should remove a “pinch roller” from both sides, which pinches on the media edges.
Please see more details in following manual.
Operation Manual』-[Chapter 2]-[Setting media]-[Setting a Roll media]-[Removing the pinch roller]
Though you remove the “pinch roller”, you should use a “Media retainer” instead to hold the edge.

※ If the “Gumming treatment” is different between the both edges, the printer may not be possible to feed the media straightly due to different media diameter on both sides.
If you can not feed the media straightly, we do not recommend you to print on the media.

The “ink bleeding” and “color” will be different between media, because print results depend on the type of “material”, “pretreatment”, and “after treatment”. So we recommend you to make some samples to see the print result first, before you make any productions.

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