Wrinkles appears on media surface

  • You may have this issue if the media set was not correct. Please follow the steps below to avoid this issue.

1. Check both sides of roll media edge to see if it is not slid too much or not. The slid amount has to be less than 15mm. If it slides more than that, please reroll the media again.

2. Make sure that the media can be fed and taken up straightly and not be skewed.
Set the media edge to the take up media roll core with tape, and try to turn the core about 3 turns and verify the edge will not be skewed.

3. If you use a spacer on platen for using transfer paper sheet, make sure the sheet you set up is straight but no tension difference between right and left edge of the media
If the tension is different, you should check the spacer is straight, flat, and no dust underneath of the spacer.

4. Adjust the weight on the tension bar.
Make sure the print surface is flat with the “counter weight” tension. If the surface is wavy, make it flat with adjusting counter weights on the tension bar. As an example, you should put 10 weights for a “pongee media”.

5. There is another way to reduce the wavy print surface which is removing the both sides of “pinch rollers”. If the media has "Gamming treatment " on the edge of media, you should remove the two pinch rollers from the both sides of media.

6. Refer to the other Q&A “Which media can be used on this printer ”.

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