Unusual nozzle test was printed

  • Please check the following contents.

It might be caused by something inside of inkjet nozzle. UV cured ink on the head surface or a media jam may clog the inkjet nozzles.

Do maintenance according to the following procedure.
 (Refer to 『Operation Manual 』 for details.)

① Wiper Sponge Set(SPC-0578)
② Ink Wiper Rubber Set(SPA-0168)
③ UJ Cleaning Swab(SPC-0386)
④ Nozzle Swab(SPC-0421)
⑤ Gloves
⑥ Goggles

① Check the subtank information, if subtank errors occur [e] is displayed. Execute [SUBTANK MAINTENANCE] to release the error.
② Do NORMAL CLEANING if something is wrong with nozzle test after ①.
③ Do HARD CLEANING if something is wrong with nozzle test after②.
④ Do [WHITE MAINTE] when nozzle clogged only white.
⑤ Please check the ink remaining in the cartridge. If there is not enough ink in the cartridge, replace it and do CLEANING again.
Sometimes display shows there is enough remaining ink, but the actual ink cartridge is empty or very low. So please check the actual ink cartridge
⑥ Wear goggles and gloves, and clean the side surface of the head and wiper with UJ cleaning swab.
⑦ Wet the nozzle swab with the cleaning solution, and clean the nozzle surface.
⑧ Please note that the reflection of the UV light becomes higher with wider head gap (more than 2.0mm). In this case, the adhered ink may cured or bond from UV light reflection. This causes nozzle deflection and nozzle clogging.

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