Bear Signs & Designs (Burleigh Heads QLD, Australia)

Owner Garry Miller, "To be honest, I was never a big fan on Mimaki as we have always ran Rolands over the past 16 Years, when looking for a replacement machine for one of the Rolands, I investigated what was on the new market and was very disappointed. Even the LEJ was overpriced and under performed."
"Since we saw the first Demo (UCJV300-160) we started to get excited about what we could do with the Mimaki. So far it hasn’t let us down. We have done a few trials on the multi layer printing with great success and have also increased our trade printing to other sign shops."

The benefits of multi-layer printing was a big factor in our decision

Multi-layer print label - some highlighted areas (under illumination) where other parts blocked out

Multi-layer print label - some highlighted areas (under illumination) where other parts blocked out

Main reason for choosing Mimaki UCJV Series - LED UV Printer/Cutter platform?

Garry comments; "Multi-layer printing and the application advantages this gives. Print speeds and the quality of the white solution. We are still experimenting with the features and get more and more impressed each day."

What have you been most impressed with?

UCJV Series LED UV Curing

UCJV Series LED UV Curing

The machine operation in general: ID Cut is a function to print together crop mark and ID for recognition of cutting details and media rotation of job and then cut data automatically. Multi Layer we are so impressed with, this give us so many different options for our customers. LED UV Curing technology opens up a wider choice of media solutions which is fantastic for our business.

Final Comments

Owner Garry Miller (left) Production Jaya Shinn (Right)

Owner Garry Miller (left) Production Jaya Shinn (Right)

Garry explained; The UCJV300 has reached and even exceeded our expectations. We have saved money, helped move productivity in a different direction which is extremely important for us. We would strongly recommend the UCJV series from our experience with the Mimaki solution.

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