How long does it take to turn ON/OFF the UV lamp?

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Turn ON UV lamp:
Machine needs about 30sec to get ready to start printing after you turn
ON the UV lamp.

Turn OFF UV lamp:
After you turn OFF the UV lamp, the machine will have about 6 minutes cooling time.

Do not shut the machine off with the main power switch on the left side
of machine or the Emergency switch while the UV lamp is ON or cooling.

→ If you shut down the machine with the main switch or the Emergency switch
  at this time, the machine will not adequately cool the UV lamp,
  then the life time of UV lamp will be shortened.

The way to turn OFF the UV lamp with having the cooling time:
・Press [UV] button -> [LAMP OFF ] –> [UV LAMP OFF START: ent] –>
 You can check the cooling condition for UV lamp with the indicator lamp where
 it is on the right top of machine.
* You cannot turn ON the lamp again until the cooling time is completely finished.

・Turn OFF the Green switch on the front left side.
 It will turn OFF the UV lamp and begin the cooling cycle.
 When it is finished, machine will turn OFF automatically.

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