How can I store the new ink cartridges?

  • Store new ink cartridges in the recommended storage environment.

Refer to “Operation manual ” (Section6)

The UJF-706 Operation Manual recommends the following storage temperatures:
During storage:15~35℃ (59~95F) in a cool, dark place.
→ Serious issues may occur if the cartridge is stored in a high temperature environment. Color accuracy may degrade, and nozzle clogging may occur.
     Please keep the ink cartridges within the recommended storage temperatures.
During shipping :0~60℃ (32~140F) ,Less than 2 weeks with under dark condition.
→ Keep the temperature within the above the shipping temperatures. If possible, ship the cartridges within the recommended storage temperatures.
 The ink will freeze if it is stored under -4℃ (24.8F)
If it is frozen, leave the ink cartridge around 25℃ (77F) for over 3 hours, then use as normal.

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