What type of ink can I set up on this machine?

  • There are two kinds of inks for this UJF-706.

・ Hard Ink (SPC-0371、SPC-0404HY)  →C・M・Y・K・Lc・Lm・W・CL
・ Flexible Ink F-200 (SPC-0516)  →C・M・Y・K・Lc・Lm・W (No flexible clear ink)

The Hard Ink Specialty:
This ink is suitable to print on hard media, like plastic name plate, cards, 3 dimensional materials.
Strong point:
*The cured surface is tough for scratching and it also has chemical resistance.
Weak point:
*The weather resistance is weak.
*If you double it up or trying to do heat forming on the printed material, the cured ink will be cracked.

The Flexible Ink Specialty:
This ink is suitable to print on soft media, like membrane switch, soft packaging media, or film media.
Strong point:
*The cured ink can stretches about 200%, so you can print on some materials which you want to change the material shape after printing, for example; heat forming or double it up.
(However the stretching property depends on the materials.)
*This ink has strong weather resistance.
Weak point:
*The print result does not have scratching and chemical resistance.

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