Can I set up two types of ink into a printer?

  • You have two types of ink options to set up for this machine.

・ Hard Ink (SPC-0371、SPC-0404HY)  →C・M・Y・K・Lc・Lm・W・CL
・ Flexible Ink F-200 (SPC-0516)  →C・M・Y・K・Lc・Lm・W (No flexible clear ink)

However, you can set up only one type of ink for the machine at a time.
Which means you cannot mix both type of ink in a printer at the same time
Example) You cannot set Hard Ink for C, M, Y, K, and set Flexible ink for White.
※ Even if you set both the hard ink and the flexible ink on a printer in same time, an error will be appeared and the machine does not accept both types of ink cartridges.

If the Hard and Flexible inks are mixed, they will be agglutinated then nozzles will clog.

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