Environmental Requirements for Installation

  • Install your printer under the following environments.

(1) Avoid direct sunlight.
(2) Confirm an ambient temperature is within its specification
  Accuracy guarantee range:
    Ambient temperature 20~25°C
    Relative humidity 35~65%Rh (with no condensation)
(3) The temperature gradient is ±10°C/h or less.
(4) Avoid direct airflow form vents or air conditioners.
(5) The floor should be level.
  (If the machine installed on an inclined surface, it may cause a defect of printing.)
(6) The floor should be free from vibration.
(7) Isolate the printer from fire use.
(8) Keep airborne contaminants office level (less than 0.15mg/㎥)
(9) Isolate the printer from chemicals use.

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