1. Easy production of large-sized objects

  • Capable of printing objects up to 1.8 meters in height
  • Assembly-based design allows for the creation of super-sized objects exceeding the size of the printing area
  • Dual-head configuration enables simultaneous output of two different structures, reducing production time.

2. Overwhelming speed

  • Printing speed of up to 350mm in height per hour with "Gel Dispensing Printing" (*1)
  • Three times the processing speed of conventional FFF-type 3D printers (*2)
  • Completes figures 1.8m tall in just 7 hours

(*1) Vertical speed when printing 1m diameter cylinder (hollow)
(*2) Result from our research as of March 2020

3. Hollowed structures facilitating additional processing

  • Hollow interior reduces object weight for the ease of carrying and transport
  • Interior-illuminated signage is crafted by housing LED modules within objects
  • Reinforcement with urethane or armatures accommodated within the object for enhanced durability

4. Utilization of 3D data opens potentials for application

  • Effortless 3D object creation without the need for expertise as long as the data is available
  • Completed image of objects can be shared with clients using the 3D data before production
  • Objects output in various sizes from a single object data

5. Potential for wide-spread applications

  • Creation of super-sized 3D POP displays without complex handcrafting requirements
  • Various decorations applied to the object surface for additional touch upon combination with Mimaki inkjet printers
  • Copies can be made from original objects using 3D scanners (*3)

(*3) The 3DGD-1800 does not have a scan function, so a 3D scanner is required separately

3DGD-1800 Catalog (1.87MB)pdf file


3DGD-1800 Available modeling area: 1,450 x 1,110 x 1,800 mm (57.1 x 43.7 x 70.9")

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