1. High-definition, beautiful 3D printing easily at your office!

High-definition, beautiful 3D printing easily at your office! : 3DUJ-2207

It is compact enough to be installed in an office environment as long as it has a footprint of 2.0 × 2.3 meters, with a noise reduction design and a built-in deodorizer.
(Dedicated stand and deodorizer are optional.)

Machine size, Maximum forming area : 3DUJ-2207

2. Modeling by bright coloration full color ink

Modeling by color ink (CMYK,White,Clear) can achieve 84% of the Fogra 39L color gamut and cover 90% of SWOP gamut. With a color binder jet 3D printer, powder (plaster) appears on the surface, resulting in a whitish color, but using the UV curable inkjet method, the "3DUJ-2207" has beautiful color expression due to modeling with highly transparent color ink.

3. More flexible in designing with full color ink and clear ink !

Besides transparency, clear ink can make a color expression of translucency by the simultaneous apply of clear ink and color ink. The combination of clear and color ink will broaden the design range.

Freedom of expression with full color plus clear: Data by Nobuaki Fukui

Data by Nobuaki Fukui

4. Remarkable expressive power for elaborate modeling by Mimaki's concentrated technologies

1) High accuracy of ink drop placement technology amassed in Mimaki 2D printing experience

Thanks to Mimaki original wave form control and high precision ink firing technology, amassed in the development of inkjet printer for professionals full of their strict requirements of high quality image, our 3D printer's precise ink droplet placement has achieved as completely aimed. This high accuracy can generate an elaborate modeling focused on detailed finishing.

Five Storied Pagoda (Gojyunoto) Modeling (Height) 170 mm: Comparison - Japanese coin (jpy5.-) dia. 22 mm *The coin is not a 3D model.

Five Storied Pagoda (Gojyunoto) Modeling (Height) 170 mm: Comparison - Japanese coin (jpy5.-) dia. 22 mm *The coin is not a 3D model.

2) Variable dot function for less granularity modeling

Variable dot function contains sorting to fire 3 dot sizes and selects always the optimal size for modeling. This specified function enables modeling of beautiful gradation of less granularity and extremely high accurate full color.

3D full-color modeling sample (Color chart): Beautiful gradation expression with less graininess and high-precision

5. Excellent post process performance by availability of over coating and drilling

The ink uses acrylic resin and has the same strength as ABS, making it possible to drill holes and attach screws. In addition, overcoats can be used, making it possible to finish the final product for a different look.

Object with over coating

Over coating can make a smoother surface and upgrade the weather resistance.

Before / After: Object with over coating

Object with drilling

It has the strength to bear 5 kg drawing force under tight screwing.

Drilling / Tapping and drilling / 5 kg loading

6. Usability in pursuit of "easy fabrication"

1) Water soluble support material gives beautiful finishing with very simple operation.

The water soluble substance is applied for the support material utilized together for modeling. Therefore it will be washed away by soaking in water instead of scratching off.
It is convenient to be able to remove the support material of delicate designed object without damage.

Removing support material

Removing support material

* The removing time of support material depends on size and modeling configuration.

Object after removal of support material

Object after removal of support material

By removing the support material between the dragon and the sphere it holds, a gap is created between the dragon and the sphere, making it possible to design the sphere to rotate.

2) UV LED is applied as the curing light source

UV LED is applied as the curing light source

[3DUJ-2207] applies UV ink curing by irradiation of UV (Ultra Violet). The UV LED of curing source hardly exerts thermal influence to object and start time for lighting-up is not necessary. Long life and power saving can reduce the running cost.

3DUJ-2207 Catalog (3.61MB)pdf file


3DUJ-2207 Available modeling area: 203 x 203 x 76 mm (8 x 8 x 3")

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