GP-1810 Series [End of sale]

Product features

1. Productivity
Practical printing speed supports sample printing and commercial production.
(Print speed: 1 sq m / 3 minutes)
The GP-1810 can print more than 60 T-shirs per hour.
Print conditions ( Printing area: Front side / 360 dpi)

2. Versatility
Direct printing on T-shirts, sweatshirts sweaters and thick materials up to 50 mm.

3. Accurate printing
Non-contact inkjet printing assures accurate printing position.

4. Applicability
Making added-value product by a combination of screen and inkjet printing.

5. High material compatibility
Reactive dye ink, acid dye ink and textile pigment are offered.

Tender texture

Soft-texture T-shirt that maintains breathability.

GP-1810 Series

Mimaki's unique textile pigment (TP) ink preserves breathability and water absorbency and is tender to your skin. It is a highly safe ink containing only very limited formaldehyde. Because of special ink binder, your products are thermoset only after heating treatment. TP is an ink that can be easily handled without need of special knowledge of dyeing chemistry, etc. The wash fastness is class 4 to 5 in the case of cotton material.

*Color fastness to washing differs according to the garment materials, etc. Please confirm the colorfastness yourself by first washing finished garments.
*Printed fabrics contain very low levels of formaldehyde, please don't use it for baby goods.

Accurate positioning

The GP-1810 can print image on accurate position and print on uneven surface by adjusting head gap within 50 mm.

Photo: Using LED pointer for positioning

[GP-1810] Versatile printer for a small lot and commercial printing. Printing more than 60 T-shirts per hour.

GP-1810 Series

Printing on surfaces of 3 T-shirts are finished in 2 minutes. (360 x 540 dpi) This print speed is practical for quick delivery of a small lot printing and commercial prodcution.

Note: The print speed is decreased by half during double layer printing.

Discharge printing *GP-1810D only

Enables you to print on a dark colored T-shirt.

GP-1810 Series

The first discharge liquid introduced for inkjet printers that can discharge color on cotton materials dyed with reactive dyes. After discharge printing, the colored substances are nuetralized by applying heat (heat press, etc). The discharge effect appears only after heat treatment.The gradations of discharged images will be beautifully rendered.

*Discharge results depend largely on organic dyeing. Please make sure to make a test print of the garment beforehand.
*The concentration of formaldehyde in discharged T-shirts exceeds Oeko-tex Standard 100.Please wash all finished products before wearing.

Discharging method

GP-1810 Series

[Printing only by discharge liquid]
Print the image by using only the discharge liquid.Create a monochrome image as the original image.

GP-1810 Series

[Printing simultaneously with color image]
Print the color ink and the discharge liquid simultaneously.If a colored T-shirt is printed with only the color ink, the image does not stand out. Printing by simultaneously using the discharge liquid removes the color on the T-shirt, and the color ink obtains good color development.

GP-1810 Series Catalog (1.1MB)pdf file


GP-1810 Maximum print area: 1,860 x 1,010 mm (73.2 x 39.8")
GP-1810D Maximum print area: 1,860 x 1,010 mm (73.2 x 39.8")

Corresponding Ink

Application list

  • T-shirt printing


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