ArtiosCAD Designer Solution

ArtiosCAD Designer Solution: Specialized software for simple package design

■Builder (Package creation using standard designs)

Easy package design creation by selecting a design style from a standards catalog and entering dimensions.

■Designer (Original design package creation)

Designer comprises a range of useful tools for creating an original package design from scratch.

■Connection Plus

Connection Plus is used to design data exchanges. Paper size, origin point, output formats, and other detailed settings can be specified.

Builder (Package creation using standard designs):
Easy package design creation by selecting a design style from the catalog

Easy package design creation

Builder allows a designer to create a package design in a few minutes by selecting a design style from the catalog and specifying length, width, and depth.
In addition, dimensions of the design are automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the material specified.

◎ Package design creation procedure

Package design creation procedure 1

1. Select a design style from the “Standards Catalog.”

Note: Please click here for more details.

Package design creation procedure 2

2. Enter the thickness of the packaging material on the “Single-Design Setting” window.

Package design creation procedure 3

3. Enter the interior dimensions (length, width, and depth) and click “OK.” (*)

*Parameters, shapes, and sizes of flaps can be specified by clicking “Next.”

Package design creation procedure 4

4. A diagram is displayed when the package design is completed.

Designer (Original design package creation):
Simple original package design creation

Designer helps users create an original package design with various tools for drawing lines and rectangles and rounding off corners.

◎ Useful functions for package design creation

Rectangle from Line

Rectangle from Line

This tool creates a rectangle based on a line on the diagram.

Copy Mirror about Vertical

Copy Mirror about Vertical

The item selected is easily mirrored and copied on the vertical (x) axis.



This tool is used to draw a line. To draw a preferred line, the angle and length need to be specified.



This tool rounds the corners of items. Rounded corners are drawn by entering corner radius.

Trim Interior

Trim Interior

This tool deletes part of a line. The line is automatically divided at the cross line.

Conline At Angle From Line

Conline* At Angle From Line

This tool draws a diagonal conline.

* Conline: Construction line

Simple mock-up creation with ArtiosCAD DS, UV inkjet printer, and cutting plotter

Original Goods Package System(OGPS)

Original Goods Package System (OGPS) reduces the time spent on the process of making a prototype package. Conventionally, there were many work processes to create the package that suits a product. You would ask an outside contractor to create the package, and it would take a long time to complete the work because of misunderstandings, distance, time differences, etc.
OGPS consists of the ArtiosCAD DS, the CFL-605RT*, and the UJF-6042* inkjet printer. The system offers a total solution not only for printing on a product but also for the design and creation of product/cushion packaging. OGPS delivers effective high-mix low-volume production and significantly shortens the lead time for prototype creation and small lot production by on-demand production.
* CFL-605RT and UJF-6042 are sold separately.

Flatbed printer: UJF-6042

The UJF-6042 is an LED UV flatbed inkjet printer that is capable of printing on an object up to A2 size (420 × 594 mm / 16.5 × 23 in.). It can print on a product as well as on packaging materials.

>> UJF-6042|Product page



Compact cutting plotter: CFL-605RT

The CFL-605RT delivers efficient on-demand package and cushioning production with various functions, including eccentric, tangential, and reciprocating cuttings and creasing. Effective cutting area is A2 extra (432 × 610 mm / 17 × 24 in) and greater.

>> CFL-605RT|Product page


【Application】 Printing on USB memory and creating packaging


1-1. Activation procedure

1-2. Deactivation procedure

2. Builder: Simple package design with variety of templates (styles).

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